What do I think? It's the most gorgeous1911 I've ever had the pleasure of holding and probably will ever own.† I've read up more on the STI 2011 fame n such, people seem to really like them and there's aren't fully custom so I'm sure I'll love shooting it.† I have small hands and the double stacked frame still feels so nicely when held.† I didn't realize the grip part of the frame was polymer, it makes for a nice weight with the full 5 inches of slide.† It's hard to get 15 rounds in the bigger mag but I don't mind a 14+1 count.† I think the craftsmanship is phenomenal, I love the barrel and love the markings and cuts in the slide.† I'm a little new to red dots on pistols so I've been practicing drawing my natural point of aim so that dot comes right into sight picture.† I have an Osprey can on the way and I certainly can't wait to shoot this pistol and will be letting you know how it† goes when I do.† †

(follow up) I put a couple hundred rounds through it at an indoor range yesterday to get a feel and loosen her up a bit.† Boy do you know how to make a complete package.†


The Pelican case is awesome as well. Thank you.

Ryan Friskel

I do not have the words to express my thanks for what you did with my LW Officers. † The engraving is absolutely incredible.† Your thoughtfulness, consideration and imagination in doing that is beyond words. I cannot thank you enough. As amazing as it looks, the way it shoots and handles is even better. †

Just friggin superb.

My deepest thanks,


PS The folks at On Target could not stop talking about the workmanship.

Hello Mark,

I received the Tactical Elite last week and "extremely impressed" is probably not a strong enough statement. I love everything about it. The gun is tight, yet smooth, and certainly one of the best looking 1911s I own. This pistol is exactly how I envisioned it and I appreciate that. The custom work is second to none and, as a connoisseur of custom 1911s, I'm comparing it to some stiff competition. I love the slide to frame fit, the checkering, serrations, trigger weight, sights, barrel crown, reversed plug, engraving, finish, etc. Did I leave anything out? Oh yes, the mainspring housing and beavertail have about the nicest blend into a frame I've ever seen. Even the thumb safety seems perfectly weighted against the plunger tube, which I know from experience is no easy feat. Finally, I would be remised if I didn't mention the magwell, which is simple, yet elegantly cut to perfection. Its performance at the range was spectacular and I'm looking forward to more trigger time. I can't thank you enough for delivering on your word with this absolute masterpiece of a 1911.

Very sincerely,
Brian Cutillo


I spent some time at the range today with the commander and
the new grips, not only are they beautiful but they do
their job and function perfectly. "Artistry in Pistolcraft"
is exactly what you create Sir. You are an amazing artist
who's canvas just happens to be the pistol. Honestly Mark,
not only do your efforts produce perfectly functioning tools
but they have a beauty about them that is uniquely yours.
I'm honored to be able to call you my friend.................

Hope you got lots of orders at the Shot Show.

See ya,


To: Mark Morris of Morris Custom Pistols
From: Steven M Jimenez
Date: July 27, 2009


Picked up the pistol this afternoon. The pistol looks fine and the finish is a nice working pistol color. Slide is nice and tight, but rounds down the range will work that out. I appreciate your attention to detail. The grips where a nice touch. The pistol feels very comfortable in the hand, well balanced. The sights give a great sight picture. Thumb safety very smooth. Nice trigger and very smooth, glad we went with that length of trigger. Barrel bushing is also a nice touch. The front strap has a very comfortable checkering not to mention the quality of the checkering front and back strap. A person could not ask more from the pistol as it is. Thanks very much for building me a special pistol. Well worth the wait. I appreciate what you do for the firearms industry and us shooters. Take care and live well.

Steven M Jimenez

To: Mark Morris of Morris Custom Pistols
From: Dave Novoselsky
I just finished putting 300 rounds through the gun I received from you. My first reaction when I opened the gun rug was, nice, nicely made, very nice, no obvious 'bells and whistles."  Upon racking back the slide, my impression was tight, not stupidly-so and very precise.  Nice feel. Down to the range, load up both mags, touch the slide stop, and smile, nice, nice feel.  Pull the trigger, repeat 299 more times, and decide, what a smooth, reliable, accurate, marvelous piece of work.
Mark, perhaps the motto should be "Artistry that Functions, and Functions Flawlessly, without Fuss, With Unnecessary Fads, and with Beauty."
My compliments to you on a superb product.  One I can count on a as a 'primary carry' or take to the range to 'plink' or simply admire.


Dave Novoselsky

From: "Donald Russell"
To:Morris Custom Pistols
Sent: Thursday, December 13, 2001 11:34 AM
Subject: MY PISTOL
I just got THE PISTOL ! I am to electrified to do more than send you this immediately to tell you how exceptional it is. I have a couple of nice 1911's from Heinie and Nastoff and they don't begin to approach this one. Too excited to write more since I have to salivate over this work of art. This is so special I'm going to your web site to check on other guns you have in progress.


For some time I've wanted to write and express my appreciation of your work and have been trying to find the words to adequately convey my pleasure and awe at your level of artistry and craftsmanship as well as the all too uncommon experience of dealing with someone possessed of so pronounced a sense of integrity and responsibility.
I've been fortunate enough to own pistols from a number of the recognized masters in creating 1911's, and I can say emphatically that yours is my all-time favorite- combining impeccable craftsmanship, utter reliability, and stunning accuracy.

Thanks for your friendship.
Best wishes,

- Don Russell

From: David Nelson
Benicia, CA 94510

To: Mark Morris/Morris Custom Pistols

Monday, December 22, 2008

Dear Mark,

The timing of your shipment was very appropriate. Christmas is in three days, and the anticipation of the delivery of my pistol reminded me of Christmas day when I was a child. Your alert that the Browning High Power was ready to ship earlier in the week started the excitement and as the day came closer it continued to build. After all, as you know, this has been a totally new experience for me.

I have been a firearms enthusiast for many years, but had no idea that a totally custom and personalized pistol would one day be a part of my collection. When I came across your web site I started to admire the beautiful pistols that were featured and displayed in the gallery section. It didnít take long from there for me to contact you and place my order.

It was somewhat of a leap of faith to send a deposit to someone two states away whom I really didnít know. With little more than a couple of phone calls and a few emails the relationship was started. I want to make sure you know how much I appreciated the ability to collaborate with you on the design of the pistol. This collaboration not only made my Morris Custom Pistol truly unique, but more than that, it made the pistol a very personal and prized possession.

So, I woke up this morning and waited patiently for the delivery truck to arrive. I tried to be calm but have to admit that I went to the window on several occasions fearful that I had missed the shipment. Finally the package arrived and at last I was going to see and feel the pistol that we had created together. I can only say thank you. I love the finished work! It is what we had discussed and more........... It hit me while I was holding the pistol that the process of ordering my first truly custom firearm was complete. I now have a heirloom that will be in my proud possession until the day comes to hand it down to my son. In addition to that I consider myself to be blessed with more than just a custom Browning High Power, I also have what I consider to be a new friendship with you.

Your personal touch and care for your clients needs made my first experience with a custom firearm very satisfying. I can recommend you without hesitation to anyone else who might be surfing the web and wondering if they should contact you for a Morris Custom Pistol. Now it is on to order number two and I will wait patiently for you to alert me that my next shipment is on itís way and I will be just as excited as I am today. Thanks again

Mark and I hope that you and your family have a great Christmas!

Sincerely yours,

David Nelson

David Nelson
Benicia, CA 94510

From: Greg Gowan
Chief of Police

I am the Chief of Police of a small rural city in south-central Minnesota. The department is comprised of one full time police office and myself. With few exceptions, I am either on duty or on call 24 hours per day and 7 days per week.When the locals need the police, they frequently bypass the county dispatch center and show up unannounced at my residence with some huge problem.   In addition, due to the rural nature of our county, backup is frequently far away or sometimes simply not available. In light of these circumstances, I find it prudent to carry a gun just about all of the time and just about everywhere I go. I do this in order to deal with unexpected emergencies as they may arise. I have owned and carried a variety of service pistols and I have found that they each have their good points and their bad points. However, I have never been 100% satisfied with any of them.  As a long time fan of the 1911 platform, I began to take a serious look at the 1911 as the ultimate service pistol. My search for a top 1911 gunsmith led me to Mark Morris. After one l engthy telephone conversation with Morris, I was adequately impressed to place an order for one of his Morris Tactical .45's built on a Colt 1991 base gun. When the Morris Tactical arrived, I immediately put a couple of hundred break-in rounds through it; field stripped it, cleaned it, and oiled it. I then started to shoot it at speed, from duty leather, from concealed leather, strong hand only, weak hand only, prone, kneeling and on the move. What I quickly found out was that I could shoot the Morris Tactical .45 faster and more accurately than any other pistol that I had ever owned. And, very importantly, the gun has never jammed, hic-upped, bobbled, stove-piped or otherwise let me down. It will feed any type of .45 ACP ammo that I stuff into the magazine, including empty cases, which it feeds flawlessly.  It shoots way better than I can and it arrived perfectly regulated for 230 Federal Hydra-Shok, which I had specified to Morris when I ordered the gun. I now carry the Morris Tactical with me virtually always, both on duty is so well built and so beautifully finished that I hesitated for just a second or two the first time I walked out of the house with it in my duty holster.  It would surely get banged around and scuffed up eventually, prospects that I was not looking forward to. Then I realized that it was nothing less than my neck on the line, so I might as well carry the very best, and the Morris Tactical is the very best Make no mistake, when it comes to surviving a gunfight, there is absolutely no substitute for having the proper mindset along with getting some professional shooting instruction accompanied by lots of trigger time. However, assuming an equal amount of training, the gun carrying professional might as well take the advantage offered by a truly exceptional 1911. And the Morris Tactical is a truly exceptional 1911.

- Greg Gowan
Chief of Police

Mark Morris
65 West Lake Road
Oroville, WA 98844
Saturday, June 29, 2002

Avid Shooters,
The exceptional quality of "Morris Custom Pistols" is astounding. Mark puts immense attention to detail into every pistol he customizes. Morris Pistols possess the trademark of reliability, fit, finish and function; each has an impressive appearance of distinction. The craftsmanship that goes into his work is that of an old world artisan. His pistol-smith art form is difficult to find in today’s world of mass production. My lifetime has been steeped in a rich firearms experience. My entire adult and professional life has been dependent upon firearms. I am a six year veteran of the U. S. Marine Corps, a fifteen year veteran law enforcement officer, firearms instructor, firearms specialist / armorer, an avid hunter and a firearms collector. Over the years while collecting, I have developed a penchant for fine European bolt and double guns and of course side arms.
I currently own three "Morris Custom Pistols". These firearms are highly prized among my collection and are relied upon for service with great confidence.
If you regard personal defense, competitive / recreational shooting or depend upon firearms for your livelihood as being paramount, you should consider going premium. Once you have abandoned "out of the box" productions for a "Morris Custom Pistol", you would find it hurtful relying upon anything else.

Good shooting!
P. M. Percival
Spokane, WA


From: Andy Kemp,
Mark builds pistols for the street. I own three and every one of them is clearly made for the working gunman.; Despite the tight fit none required a break-in period. Right from the box they all functioned perfectly. Reliability and accuracy are synonymous with a Morris pistol. I have well over 50,000 rounds through my first gun and it shoots better than ever. The newest one ate up over 1000 rounds without a cleaning during it's first days on the range and never failed me.
I use a Morris pistol when teaching more often than not. I carry a Morris pistol far more often than any other gun. Most importantly, I shoot a Morris pistol better than I shoot any o ther gun."

- Andy Kemp, Director, Midwest Training Group


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